April 2, 2015

About us

Weak extension and advisory services limit the ability to reach small-holder farmers with agricultural innovations and market opportunities. We work through action-oriented research and outreach efforts in developing countries to strengthen extension systems to increase agricultural productivity and reduce rural poverty.

Extension systems in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central America need to undergo significant change if they are to effectively serve the food security and economic development needs of resource-poor men and women farmers. New approaches must draw on full breadth of resources in public, private and civil society organizations and utilized available advanced information and communications technologies. MEAS is a Center of Excellence that seeks to promote and support such endeavors.

The MEAS project is made up of three components expected to benefit a wide audience of users:

1 TEACH – Disseminating Modern Approaches to Extension through user-friendly materials for dissemination and training programs that promote new strategies and approaches to rural extension and advisory service delivery.  Click here for a brochure on this component.

 – Documenting Lessons Learned and Good Practice through success stories, case studies, evaluations, pilot projects, and action research.

 – Designing Modern Extension and Advisory Services Program through assistance to selected host country organizations – public and private – for the analysis, design, evaluation and reform of rural extension and advisory services.
The objective for MEAS is to define and disseminate good practice strategies and approaches to establishing efficient, effective and financially sustainable rural extension and advisory service systems in selected countries. Our goal is to help transform and modernize these extension systems, so they can play a key role in both increasing farm incomes and enhancing the livelihoods of the rural poor, especially farm women.

We emphasize participatory approaches and collaborative development work with public and private commercial as well as non for profit extension and advisory service provides in these developing countries together with other donors and a broad range of practitioners.


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