April 20, 2015

Training Material

Pocket Guide Series: to prepare smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change

Smart Skills Training Modules

MEAS supported the development of the Smart Skills Suite in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services, CRS. The final versions (in English) are available online at the links provided below. The manuals will soon also be available in French and Spanish.

This narrated presentation (right) describes the five skills sets that enable smallholder farmer groups to engage successfully with markets: group management, financial management, marketing and enterprise development, natural resource management for sustainable production and innovation. Also, enjoy these photos from SMART Skills training in Zambia.

MEAS Training Modules

14978995286_d76122255c_bA woman farmer in Tajikistan with a healthy homegrown red beet. Photo credit: B. Swanson 2011

Top SMART Skills for Smallholder Farmers

Ugandan Farmer of the Year with Paul McNamara 2The Ugandan Farmer of the Year (2016) shows off his farm to Dr. Paul McNamara.

Policy Compendium in collaboration with GFRASa tool that contributes to fill the gap between the RAS policy environment and RAS efforts in the field.

Peace Corps Training Modules

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