August 12, 2015

Case Studies

The development of a series of high-quality illustrative Lessons Learned Case Studies serves as a major vehicle in defining and communicating our vision of the principles underlying the modernization of extension and advisory services.

Value of Printed Sources of Information in Agricultural Extension Case Study on “The Farmer’s Voice” in Cameroon (2015) by Sygnola Tsafack and Ann Degrande

Extension Approaches of Selected Development Organizations (2015) by Sarah Sahlaney, Katherine Hoeberling, Mark Bell, and Andrea Bohn

Extension and Advisory Methods and Approaches to Reach Rural Women

 Led by Dr. Tahseen Jafry, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom, conducted throughout 2013

Human Resource Development for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services

Case Studies from West Africa

SFRC Aloha House seedlings

Assessments with SFRC Stakeholds

SFRC Center for the Uplift of Hilltribes' livestock development site

SFRC Farm Center Indochina's covered starter beds

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