March 5, 2016

Liberia Write Shop 2015 Resources

Arku, Senita (2016) Presentation – ICT in Agriculture

Barrolle, William (2016) Climate Change Adaptation for Smallholder Farm Families

Bohlen, Jerome (2016) Presentation – Monitoring and Evaluation

Cegbe, Leroy (2016)  College Course – Teaching and Information disseminations Methodologies

Clarke, Jerome (2016) Workshop – Choosing and Working with Partners

Cooper, Victoria (2016) Training Workshop – Farmer to Farmer Learning Approach

Darlington, Kilay (2016) Presentation – Managing Natural Resources

Gono, Alfred- Smart Skills for Rural Development

Greaves, Edmord and Kenneh, Aaron (2016) Presentation – Effects of Climate Change in Liberia

Lah-Jally, Mercy (2016)  Training – Three Methods of Planting Cassava Cuttings

Massaquoi, Molly (2016) College Course – Climate Change for EAS Providers

Mends-Cole, Morleeta (2016) College Course – Food Security in Liberia

Ndaloma, Philip (2016) Project Guide – Adapting to Climate Change

Nyaplue, Caroline and Torlon, Lepolu (2016) Comparative Assessment Extension in Liberia and Bangladesh

Reed, John – Agricultural Marketing

Swinteh, Jerimiah (2016) Workshop – Linking Smallholder Farmers to Markets.pdf

Write Shop Summary Report – Liberia FINAL

Yama, Moses and Yini, Prince (2016) Outline of curriculum- Linking Small Holder Farmers to Markets





Kieh and Mongar