April 24, 2015


In MEAS, we emphasize participatory approaches and collaborative development work with public and private commercial as well as non for profit extension and advisory service providers in developing countries together with other donors and a broad range of practitioners. We are also open to working faculty and staff from universities that are not formal partners of the MEAS consortium.

For the current fiscal year (2014/2015) we are not able to fund any additional collaborations but welcome your inquiries about future collaboration. Simply send an email to Andrea Bohn, abohn@illinois.edu.

MEAS has been collaborating with the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), development projects, farmer organizations (like Federacion National de Cafeteros in Colombia), research institutions, independent consultants, non-governmental organizations like ECHO, social entrepreneurs like BIID (Bangladesh), universities (like Makarere in Uganda and Sokoine in Tanzania) and various USAID missions (Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Indonesia, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, Tajikistan).

Together we are conducting assessments of the pluralistic extension landscape in various countries, do case studies, carry out evaluations, conduct pilot action research, and offer training programs.

More information is available at

  • Country assessments: http://www.meas-extension.org/meas-offers/country_studies
  • Case studies: http://www.meas-extension.org/meas-offers/case-studies
  • Evaluations: http://www.meas-extension.org/meas-offers/program-evaluation
  • Pilot action research: http://www.meas-extension.org/meas-offers/pilot-projects
  • Training: http://www.meas-extension.org/meas-offers/training
  • Workshops and seminars: http://www.meas-extension.org/workshops

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